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LOW AND HIGH-DOSE EFFECTS OF BISPHENOL A ON GLUCOSE METABOLISM AND BODY WEIGHT IN ALBINO RATS ABSTRACT Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) to which humans are continuously exposed. Studies have revealed that BPA is pharmacologically estrogenic by binding to estrogen receptors even at a very low concentration. This study compared the effects of low (100 μg) dose with high (10 mg) dose of BPA on body weight, insulin resistance and plasma glucose in 30 male Wistar albino rats. The rats were divided into 5 groups of 6 animals each, and were injected with corn

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ASSESSING THE PARASITIC INFESTATION OF FRESH FRUITS AT THE INTERNATIONAL AND OLD MARKETS LOKOJA, KOGI STATE, NIGERIA. ABSTRACT The study on parasitic infestation of variety fresh fruits, from  international and Local markets within Kogi State was conducted between December 2018 and May 2019. Locally available fruits garden egg, (Solanum melongena), orange, (Citrus sinesis), banana, (Musa acuminate),mango (Manginifera indica) apple,(Malus pumila) avocado, (Persea americana,) pawpaw, (Carica papaya), cashew, (Anacardium occidentale), water melon, (Citrullus lanatus), and pineapple, (Ananas comosus), sold in two major market within Lokoja, Kogi state and also from Egume and Ogbabo both in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State

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ANTIPLASMODIAL EFFECT OF ETHANOL EXTRACTS OF EUCALYPTUS CITRIODORA LEAVES ON HAEMATOLOGICAL PARAMETERS OF PLASMODIUM BERGEI-INFECTED MICE. ABSTRACT In this study the antiplasmodial effect of ethanol extract of eucalyptus citriodora leaves on haematological parameters of Plasmodium bergei-infected mice was investigated. The aim was to determine; the effect of Plasmodium on haematological parameters using Swiss mice, to determine the effect of ethanolic leaf extract of E. citriodora on the haematological parameters of mice infected with P. Bergei and In vivo evaluation of anti-plasmodial activity of ethanolic leaf extract of E. Citriodora on Swiss mice infected with P. bergei. Peters4-day suppressive test was

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A brief Authors' guide

Salem University Journals is an open access peer-reviewed journal publisher that publishes articles on all aspects of life, environmental, physical, chemical and mathematical sciences.  Furthermore, our publications are of Salem University Lokoja.

However, both internal and external authors who wishes to publish their papers should send the manuscripts in electronic format to the official email address which can be found in each of the journal pages.

Authors must give assurance that no part of manuscript reporting original work is being considered for publication in whole or in part elsewhere. The corresponding author must affirm that all co-authors have read and approved the manuscript.

All Manuscript should be submitted the editorial office via email.

An email acknowledging the receipt of your manuscript will be sent to you within two days of submission. However manuscripts which are not suitable for publication will be excluded from the peer review process. If this is the case with your manuscript appropriate journals suitable for your manuscript will be suggested.

Experts in your field of article may be suggested by the author, however if no suggestions were made by the author the editorial board will be suggest suitable reviewers for your manuscript. Each reviewer will be given 3 weeks to submit their observations and suggestions.  However the entire review process will not last more than a month.

 A mail will be sent to notify you, if your manuscript has been accepted or not for publication. If accepted, you will be asked to effect changes on your manuscript where appropriate as suggested by the reviewers, and you can subsequently submit the corrected version of the manuscript to us within two weeks. An acceptance letter, the reviewers comment and a copyright form to be signed will be sent to you.

After receipt of evidence of payment, your edited manuscript will be send to you by email for proof-reading.

Once your manuscript has been published in Salem University Journals, you will get your hard copies and it will be available online.